Wedding Videography

Planning a wedding is difficult and takes vast amounts of effort.  Can you image getting married after having spent all that time and money and not having the ability to sit down and watch the video?  Having a professionally produced video of your special day and being able to leisurely watch everything having come together is quite possibly the most memorable gift you can give yourself.

All of our wedding videos are custom made for each couple, which means we have the ability to make your video exactly what you want.  We incorporate aspects of the couple’s personality into the video.  Rather than scripting out your special day, we believe in staying in the background and capturing the action…. we want you to remember your special day, not us getting in the way!  Weecks Productions, LLC has worked to help develop a parabolic microphone called the Sound Shark which allows us to capture audio from up to 50 feet away without placing a microphone on your clothes or in the middle of the action.

Although it’s your special day, we like to show the other aspects of your wedding like the guests, decorations, and of course, the cake.  To see a sample of our work, please enjoy the clips below.

We would love to hear from you for a free no-obligation consultation.  We are available to talk via email, phone, or Skype at (623) 850-3275, and or to meet you in person to discuss your vision.   To set up a free no-obligation consultation, please use the form below or visit out Contact page.

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Other Work Samples

Client wedding video (note: there was only a reception)

Wedding Movie Trailer

Wedding Music Video

TV Commercial