About Us

Weecks Productions, LLC is a full service multi-media production company based in the greater Phoenix area.  As an industry leader in video production, photography, and branding, we can help you market and grow your business.

Whether you need a video produced for your website, a photographer for your wedding, a website built, or a TV commercial made and placed on air, we can help!  Our business model is unique; most video production companies start the business by purchasing or renting a large studio which not only limits the scope of production, but requires the large overhead be charged on to the Client.  At Weecks Productions, our philosophy is different.  We first found the best and most experienced people to get the job done perfectly the first time, then we invested in the most cutting edge video and photo equipment and finally, we went into business over half a decade ago.  In the last few years, we’ve built working relationships with many studios of all sizes around the world which allows us to rent out space per-job at the lowest cost to you.

You know you’re awesome and we know you’re awesome, so it’s our goal to help the world know just how awesome you are!  Because of our fundamental belief in helping others, our services are all offered à la carte, or can be packaged together.  We are fully mobile and travel worldwide; not only do we travel, but we are able to shoot any sized production!

If you’ve already got videos, we can help you build or update your website.  Our experienced Web Designers and SEO experts have an extremely quick turnaround (per industry standards) and can handle everything for you including the purchase of a hosting account and domain acquisition!

Every company has a brand image whether you’ve worked to develop it or not.  The branding consultants at Weecks Productions can help you analyze what your consumers see and either help you to create a new image, change the image, maintain your current brand, or all of the above!