Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Upon acceptance of estimate with initial payment as described herein:

The Client (on behalf of itself, its successors, agents, and assigns) gives expressed permission for Weecks Productions, LLC and its agents to shoot videography and/or photography, coordinate or schedule, or otherwise operate at the above listed address or any other requested locations if applicable. Weecks Productions, LLC will travel one time within 25 miles of the Peoria Eighty Three District (Peoria, AZ 85382) at no charge. For every additional mile traveled, $0.58 will be charged. The Client indemnifies and holds Weecks Productions, LLC (including its agents, successors, and assigns) harmless from any and all liability or incident as may result during pre-production, production, and post-production. If aerial services are requested, all production services will be subjected to then current Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 and sUAS restrictions and processes including Remote Pilot in Command decisions regarding weather, operations, and other conditions, and will be contingent on receiving proper approval of an operational waiver when applicable. The Client hereby releases Weecks Productions, LLC and its agents from any and all liability associated with the Job.;

The Client may use all materials provided to it by Weecks Productions, LLC without further permission, but may not alter any material nor use the materials in anyway which would be reasonably viewed as defamatory or libelous to any participant in the video, photographic, or aural recordings. Weecks Productions, LLC retains all copyright on all raw footage and resulting product and derivatives, including that it may use its raw and finished product as part of its own web-based, printed, and other promotions and portfolio. Weecks Productions, LLC may also use Client’s name and/or company logo in Weecks Productions, LLC’s portfolio.;

The estimated total price is subject to increase in the event of change orders, approved over-time, or additional requests beyond customary editing.;

A penalty of $85 per day will be charged once per-day every day if after 5 business days of Weecks Productions, LLC delivering a proof of the product the client has not responded to Weecks Productions, LLC with a list of corrections or comments, or to approve the product for finalization and packaging (when approval process or packaging is applicable). If 15 business days pass from time of proof delivery with no response from the Client, the Job will be deemed completed to the Client’s satisfaction and will proceed to finalize the Job and present the final invoice to the Client. Payment in full will be required upon delivery of invoice, which must be paid prior to receiving the unwatermarked final product. If invoice is delivered and is not paid in the required time or client is unresponsive for 5 business days, Weecks Productions, LLC will charge a penalty of $25 per day for every day client is unresponsive or hasn’t paid outstanding balance, up to 30 days. Client will be responsible for collection costs and any other applicable fees.;

Client will have the option to provide 2 sets of minor corrections or comments once presented with the proof(s), if applicable. If the requested corrections are minor (meaning each “correction” requires 30 minutes or less total to complete all changes), Weecks Productions, LLC might not charge as a client courtesy but anything which takes over 30 minutes, a significant amount of time, or resources will be considered a change order and will be charged at $85 per hour, per change order.;

Fifty percent of the estimated sub-total and total estimated TPT tax (or payment in full for legal proceedings/live events) is due upon approval of this estimate and prior to the start of any work or scheduling, please. Thank you for understanding that preparation by Weecks Productions, LLC begins upon receipt of the signed estimate and fifty percent payment and TPT tax collection (or payment in full for legal proceedings/live events). Therefore the initial fifty percent and TPT tax (or full payment for legal proceedings/live events) is not refundable for any reason. The balance is due (including any increases due to change orders, additional requests beyond customary editing, travel charges, collection or other fees, incurred expenses, or other relevant price increases) upon receipt of the final invoice.

Any disputes shall be resolved in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area and interpreted under Arizona law.

Thank you!