Talk Around Town – Legacy Page

Hosted by Dan Weecks, Courtney Bailey, and Calion Maston

The Talk Around Town Show was an entertainment news show produced by Weecks Productions, LLC from 2014-2017.  It was based in Glendale, AZ and produced in collaboration with Best Buy.  With some local television coverage, online distribution, and viewers around the world, Talk Around Town hit some unique milestones and featured a wide variety of guests in its time in production.  Merchandise for Talk Around Town and the community fitness group Talk About Fitness can still be purchased here.

Show Milestones

In 2 Seasons completed successfully with dozens of special features, a European travel DVD, and many local business segments, our audience reach grew through traditional TV and online platforms to eventually extend to viewers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Archived Episodes

To watch our episodes, please choose the Season below, and click on the video you’d like to play. Once the video is playing, you may full-screen the video by clicking the square box in the bottom right corner.