Campaign Branding

Weecks Productions, LLC is proud to offer non-partisan campaign branding services to all candidates running for various offices.  From school boards and senate seats to the Presidency of the United States, we are happy to help candidates with all their multi-media needs.

Personalized coverage before, during, and after a campaign event can be extremely impactful in a well rounded and delivered strategy, which is why we are pleased to be able to facilitate campaign photography needs worldwide.

Pictured: Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin during a 2010 campaign in Arizona. Copyright © Weecks Productions, LLC  | 2016

Commercials, advertisement photography, and graphic design is all in our specialized campaign wheelhouse.  Media buys and social media rollouts are critical to most modern campaigns which is why in addition to content creation, we can help with delivery as well.

Pictured: Weecks Productions, LLC Managing Member Dan Weecks and Congressman Trent Franks after a photo-shoot. Copyright © Weecks Productions, LLC  | 2016

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